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GRACE Tradeschool Program

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An innovative new program at GRACE

Many teenagers have an innate passion and unique skillset for tradesmanship. GRACE Association celebrates the service these future tradesmen can offer our communities, and it is our goal to provide an alternative education track that will offer early preparation for their future careers. There are key training opportunities that can be tailored to a future career in the trades that are absent from most high school curriculum. This is where GRACE Trades Alliance, a department of GRACE Association, comes in.


It will be designed to offer a comprehensive educational track to students who are seeking a career in specialized trades such as electricians, plumbers, welders, carpenters, and beyond will receive specialized training, skillsets, and certifications so that they can enter directly into the labor market. Not only will this instill a sense of purpose and hope to children who otherwise feel lost and out of place in a traditional high school setting, but it will also fill a desperate labor gap in our area. Those who are entering the trade fields are coming in unprepared and with much less experience than previous generations. 

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Offer hope to students and solutions to our labor market through a strategic high school educational track to students intending to enter a future career in a trade.

  • School will prepare students with real skills so that they know how the basics of their trade by high school graduation. 

  • Partnerships with trades' allies will allow for basic certifications and testing to be completed in the classroom, so that students can directly enter apprenticeship and employment after graduation.

  • Business lessons weaved into curriculum for potential future trades' entrepreneurs. 

  • A foundation and framework in Christian education will equip students with a strong value set to encourage hard work and quality people.

Our Vision

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Through GRACE Trades Alliance, we will set the pace for instilling hope in our youth and in preparing for the fourth industrial revolution.

GRACE Tradeschool Plan Details

  • Develop a trades track and college track to begin the sophomore year of high school—streamlining the curriculum to match specialization areas.

  • Develop facilities on-site to house the trades school tracks aligned with highest standards of the crafts.

  • Companies may recruit by observing firsthand how students are perfecting their skills. Graduates will go directly into apprenticeship programs and employment.

In Conclusion

Our students deserve hope for their future; hope that can be provided through an alternative path of career planning, targeted education and hands-on preparation with valuable job skills that fuel their interests and fills the present and looming skills gap many contractors fear.
This calls for an intentional, strategic shift in student mindset and awareness of possibilities; a strategic shift in education and in trade skills preparation and employee/candidate engagement and recruitment.

If you're interested in donating to help us continue to develop this program in our schools, we'd love to talk to you. We are a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization.


For more information please call 815-277-9302

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